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Thesis on WWII shipwrecks in the Netherlands

Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 11:27

Last week archaeology student Merijn Gombert graduated from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences with his thesis on WWII shipwrecks in the Netherlands. He wrote his thesis during and after his internship at the Maritime Programme. The aim of his research was to make an overview of the known shipwrecks from World War II in Dutch waters. To create this overview, Merijn gathered data from different sources (databases) on World War II wrecks in the North Sea, Wadden Sea, IJsselmeer, Oosterschelde and Westerschelde. In addition, the shipwrecks have been mapped in a Geographic  Information System (GIS).

Attached to this article (on the right side) you can find his thesis (in Dutch).

Congratulations Merijn and good luck with your future career!